The month of May brings about a lot of change. A cathartic end of spring semester, moving to a new location, figuring out summer plans. Here’s a playlist to make the switch a little more seamless.

1. Kisser — Step Rockets

This one is definitely an oldie, but it never fails to put me in a good mood. A great tune for the start of summer, listen to this one with the windows down and the volume up.

2. Kill vs. Maim (Remix) - Grimes

A remix of one of her recently popularized songs, Kill vs. Maim is slightly off-putting, yet very catchy. It brings in techno beats and electronic dance vibes that will give you a newly-found love for Grimes (sans the creepy album artwork).

3. Who Be Lovin Me (ft. I LOVE MAKONNEN) - Santigold

I once listened to this song on repeat for an hour or two on repeat. I don’t know what that says about me, but this song combines a trancey vibe with soft rap, and is great to play on speakers while packing or doing homework.

4. Jackie and Wilson - Hozier

If you’re in any way similar to me, I’m sure you were still wanting to hear more Take-Me-to-Church-sounding songs from Hozier even though he went off the map for a bit. The wait is over.

5. Never Be Like You (ft. Kai) - Flume

What’s a playlist without a little bit of Flume in there? This song is contagiously fun and is for the inner You & Me by Flume lover that resides in us all. Want more like this? Check out Miss U (Jai Wolf Remix) by Kitty.

6. Always Alright - Alabama Shakes

This has hands-down always been one of those songs I can listen to at any point of the year and still find amazing. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Alabama Shakes, and after listening to this song, I’m sure you will too.

7. Heart it Races - Dr. Dog

I recently went to one of their shows at the Haw River Ballroom, and Dr. Dog did NOT disappoint. This trippy, groovy pack of five play with black lights and disco balls and will surely revive your inner hippie.

8. Anything’s Possible (Sweater Beats Remix) - Kastle, Lottie

This song has three popular remixes, so make sure to listen to the Sweater Beats version. This song is for the avid EDM lovers dispersed amongst you readers and will grab your attention with the drop at 0:45.

9. Be Together (ft. Wild Belle) - Major Lazer

Stemming from the same album as Lean On and Light It Up, this song is a great combination of electronic sounds and catchy drops that is perfect for both going out or driving home.

10. How I Want Ya (ft. Dawin Remix) - Hudson Thames, Hailee Steinfield

This song is perfect for walking to class and I can’t say that enough. It’ll put a pep in your step and a catchy song in your head all day.

11. Funeral Beds - The Districts

Also similar to the Lumineers, The Districts are a lesser-known band that brings in bluegrass undertones with a beautiful build-up. If you love this song, also listen to Long-Distance.

12. Work (R3hab Remix) - Rihanna

Obviously, if you have been in any store, or basically out in public, you’ve heard this song from Rihanna’s newest album. But, it is VITAL you listen to this remix. Vital. My roommate showed me this song the other week, and you’ll want to automatically add it to any getting ready or going out playlists you have.

13 & 14. Stuck in my ID / Houseboat Babies - Reptar

I honestly could not pick between the two of these — I love Reptar so much. I saw them front-row my freshman year, and these two songs were stuck in my head for weeks. It’s (also) vital that you listen to the songs all the way through, for the best drops and choruses occur near the end.