During this transition from Summer to Fall, our playlists seem to always been in need of an update. Here’s a wide array of tunes to keep you in the loop 💫

1. Best To You - Blood Orange

Blood Orange is slowly but surely becoming my favorite go-to artist on Spotify. As much as I would like to fill up this entire list with Blood Orange tracks, I can’t and you’re going to have to trust me on this one.  Fun Fact: Dev Hynes, the British singer behind Blood Orange, has written lyrics in the past for FKA Twigs, Solange Knowles, Florence + the Machine, AND Sky Ferreira.  If you’re a fan of this song, check out It Is What It Is from the same album, Freetown Sound.

2. Stay - Mac Miller 

Mac’s new album, the Divine Feminine definitely has a very mellow overtone to it all, which makes it great for driving, studying, or just hanging out to. With subtle trumpets in the back, this song is what I think it would look like if SpottieOttieDopaliscious by Outkast and Bryson Tiller’s entire TrapSoul album had a musical baby. Another great song from Mac’s new album is Dang!, featuring Anderson Paak.

3. Back to You - Clams Casino

Ever since Clams Casino and Vince Staples did a collab together, I’ve been obsessed with their songs.  Their new album, 32 Levels, is fantastic, but I’ll have to say that Back to You is definitely my favorite.

4. Step (ft. Danny Brown) - Vampire Weekend

Obviously everyone knows this song, but the Danny Brown remix definitely threw me for a loop when I first heard it.  Oddly enough, I get a sweeping Dopamine rush whenever there’s a rap cover over a classic song from the past, and this medley of artists over a timeless favorite does not disappoint.

5. Swim High - Rivka

This song is geared more towards those days when you willingly want to dive into a pool of the feels and get incredibly introspective.  It’s a great song, don’t get me wrong, but diverges from the common theme of this list for those of you who need something more low-key.

6. Trouble - Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant seems to be a timeless band, and even though this song is south of a year old, it’s great for the current weather.  This song’s versatility ranges from driving down Franklin Street on a sunny day with your roommate, to sitting in bed with a cup of coffee.

7. Devil Eyes - Hippie Sabotage

This is also a more mellow song for this list, but super easy to sink into especially for the rainy week we’re having. If you’re a fan of this song, then you’re in luck because Hippie Sabotage is coming to Cat’s Cradle this Saturday night!  Another great Hippie Sabotage track is DRIFTER, which is more geared towards the EDM readers out there.

8. Come Down - Anderson Paak 

Anderson Paak’s smooth and unique voice is so contagious to me, and makes me want to always keep listening.  This is one of his more upbeat songs compared to his others, and has shamelessly been to added to each of my going-out playlists.

9. Chill Bill Remix

One of my best friends couldn’t stop whistling this song this summer and I immediately went on a hunt to find out what it was.  Even though it’s been around for a bit, It’s super catchy and gives a unique twist compared to most of the ordinary rap songs we listen to.

10. Feels Right - JPB & Myrne

This song somewhat speaks for itself; it’s a typical catchy radio edit that will put a pep in your step on the way to class or just put you in a good mood if that’s what you’re looking for.