While many people spend the year planning spring break with all their friends in tropical places with excellent nightlife (an obvious must), I always look forward to a quieter break. My ideal spring break includes a relaxing vacation with family (or a couple of friends) where I can sleep in, have a movie night or go to Disney World — I will always, always be up for Disney World. So, for SB2K16, I went to Orlando with my dad and brother and had a fabulous few days taking in Disney and Universal Studios. Here are the top nine reasons why you should go on vacation with family:

1. They pay for your food

Like, duh. This is probably the most obvious reason to go anywhere with family. They pay for your plane ticket, you don't have to pitch in for hotel costs and they actually encourage you to get one of the more expensive meals on the menu. They enjoy spoiling you and making sure you’re having an awesome time. Seriously, what's better than a free vacation?

2. It's Good to catch up

Vacation is the best time to catch up with family, especially when you are first reunited after being away at school for so long. They want to know all about your recent endeavors, classes you’re taking, the one you’re dating and the newest suite-mate horror story. When you are with them for several days, you have all the time in the world to tell them all the lovely details of your college life.

3. Avoid shameful social media posts

I hope your family is not the type to post shameful pictures of you on social media. (To everyone who posts embarrassing pics and videos of your friends, you are mean friends.) My family certainly has a few embarrassing pictures of me on my 21st birthday, but we keep those for our eyes only. (Did I try to shove an entire cupcake in my mouth? None of you will ever know.)

4. More time to relax

Even the parents and family members who like to get groovy understand the importance of a good night's sleep — especially on vacation when there is so much jammed into a few days. You might go bar-hopping or dancing but there is an understanding that one cannot get too crazy; otherwise nothing will be accomplished the next day. And if your family is not into going out and prefers movie nights, you will be more relaxed with them and will really have the chance to use your break to recharge.

5. Mom’s special pasta

If you have access to a kitchen on your vacation, then nothing says relaxation like your favorite home-cooked meal. This is truly special because no one can make it like mom can.

6. They boost your confidence

Spending your vacation with family will be an immediate confidence boost. First, you will hear about how much they missed you. Then, they will brag to everyone around you about what a great student you are and how far you’re going to go in life. If you’re on vacation with extended family, they will never stop asking questions regarding the things you are doing in college and then continue to show pure amazement at how awesome you are. Go, you!

7. They understand why you Didn't do Your HW

I know when I spend time with friends, my parents wonder why I didn’t set time aside to get all my work done beforehand. Yet, when I go on vacation with them, especially over spring break when I am assigned work, they completely understand why there was not enough time to get it done. I was having too much fun with you, mom and dad. And just like that, they are elated for the time you cherished with them and totally get that there simply wasn't enough time to finish that novel because you guys were having so much fun.  

8. They Send you home with goodies

Taking a vacation with family means when they have to send you back to school, they'll make sure you have everything you need to finish the semester strong. You need that WDW sweatshirt? It's yours. You need to be reimbursed for your $113 Uber ride from the airport? Done. Need some of mom's pasta leftovers? Already made. Your family has your back and will make sure you are well taken care of.

9. Making Lasting memories

This one is totally cliché, but it's true. These precious moments with your family will stay with you forever. You'll make inside jokes and laugh until you cry. It’s important to take advantage of the time you can spend with them.

Next spring break, or the next time you can plan a vacation, consider spending it with family. All around, it's a win-win scenario.