The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask launched in October of 2016, during which Olivia Holt was the face for the campaign. It comes with built-in red and blue lights and a remote activator that counts down from 30-day treatment sessions. The blue light is supposed to kill acne-causing bacteria, while the red light reduces inflammation.

The mask is 100% UV-light free, chemical-free and FDA approved. On Neutrogena’s website, their statistics from a 12-week clinical study with subjects that have mild to moderate acne used the treatment once a day. Out of that study, 98% of those people showed fewer breakouts, 94% had smoother skin, 90% showed a reduction in red, inflammatory acne and 85% agreed it was gentle on the skin.

I scoured the Internet for opinions on why the mask has to offer, and if it actually works or not. I also reached out to the company to inquire about the mask’s success. Neutrogena responded to my DM on Twitter, pointing me in the right direction of where to get my information for their light therapy acne mask - one of which was the reviews on their website where you can purchase the mask.

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So, I went through all 138 of them.

There were positive and negative reviews, but overall here’s what I noticed about what people had to say on Neutrogena’s website:

  1. Teenagers (17 and under) seem to have very good luck with it. One mom said: “I bought this mask for my 15 year old son who suffers from bad acne, within two weeks there were noticeable results and his skin was significantly clearer. I no longer have to nag him to use it as he is so happy with the results, he puts on the mask every night for 10 minutes.”

  2. Several people complained about their remote activator not working when they plugged it into the mask. The remote would start to countdown from its 30-day treatment sessions even though none of them had been used. So, that is definitely something to watch out for.

  3. It’s better to use the mask for more than two weeks. Some reviews said that they only used it  for a few days and weren’t seeing results, so they stopped. But the people that seemed to use it for three or more weeks had fairly good results across the board.

  4. Women that are breastfeeding are advised not to use this product. One review said: “I was so excited about this until I received it and the box said you can't use it with breastfeeding. Maybe I missed it, but I wish this would've been disclosed before I made the purchase.”

  5. Some reviewers complained that the light therapy mask dried their skin out: “I bought this because i have moderate/severe cystic acne. I used the product for one month and saw no difference. My face would get so hot and dry it felt like my skin was cooking…”

  6. People ages 45-54 seem to have great results, too.

  7. Some reviewers complained that the protective eye glasses needed to have darker lenses because they would get headaches or migraines after using the mask.

  8. I noticed that some people claimed using the light therapy mask in conjunction with their other acne treatment products had better results.

  9. A good portion of the reviews said that their acne did not improve or it got worse as well, so be mindful of that if you decide to purchase it.

  10. It seems to work for guys pretty well also.


I also went on YouTube to see what beauty bloggers had to say about the light therapy mask.

Fei, a beauty blogger, Instagrammer and YouTuber:

“As far as lightening my scars, it worked like magic! I was super impressed with the turnout and highly recommend if you have really red, inflamed scars on the cheeks. This mask was the most effective in terms of products I've used for my scars! Better than serums in my opinion! However, if you're expecting this to clear up damaged dark spots, dark hyperpigmentation, and/or acne, it's not going to be as highly effectual. I'd say this works more on acne scars rather than acne itself. (And keep in mind I have hormonal acne so it could be different from the kind of acne you have!) Something I'd point out is, I don't like that you have to replace the activator which can range from $14 to $44. I wish it was something that can be charged but hey, you can't have everything you want right! Regardless, I plan to repurchase an activator and keep using it consistently. I noticed after a month without using it, my scars were starting to sit on my skin again. But when you use it ritually, you'll really see a difference in your skin. Maybe I should use this mask for 3 straight months to see if the results can be impacted long term!” - @heyitsfeiii on YouTube


Maddie Kay, another YouTuber who used the light therapy mask for two months daily before reviewing it, touched on how it’s not easy to wear while trying to do everyday things, like fix food, walk down the stairs, etc. and it’s not all that comfortable to wear on her nose, so she would use hers before going to bed. She also had a complaint, as some reviewers did on Neutrogena’s website, about the lights being too bright and how it “stung her eyes.” However, Maddie said that “most of her active acne is completely gone,” but it didn’t really take away her acne scars. She also touched on the fact that her period acne still came up during her time of the month both times that it happened. - @MaddieKay on YouTube


Overall, I’d say the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask is well-liked, but there are some downfalls to it. But if you’d like like to try the product can buy it online at for $34.99 or at your local Target, and if you like it, you can buy additional 30-day remote activators separately once you’ve used them all up.

I personally don’t think I’d buy this product given the fact that I have very sensitive skin. I’d be concerned about the damage to my eyes and the possibility of burning my skin. It’s affordable, but I think, for me, the potential for bad outweighs the good. I don’t have moderate acne anymore now that I’m in college; even though I do have some scars from my past acne, most people that used the light therapy acne mask saw no improvement in their scars.

If you decide to try it out though, click here to watch a YouTube video Neutrogena created with three important tips to using the mask.