Why is FENTY beauty the makeup line everyone is talking about? Rihanna’s new beauty line launched on September 8th, 2017 and includes 40 diverse shades of foundation, creating an inclusive array of shades for those with albinism and for very dark skin tones. An impressive feat considering many makeup lines don’t start off with such a large shade range. FENTY beauty also includes a line of contour, highlight and shimmer sticks meant to complement each foundation with a chart that can be found in stores at Sephora where the makeup line is being sold. There is even a unique line of brushes, blending sponges, and a primer which FENTY has released to go with the beauty products.  The only lipgloss released with FENTY beauty, called the “universal shade,” was designed to complement everyone, no matter their skin color. FENTY beauty is fully stocked in stores at Sephora and online so there is no worry for products running out. It seems that Rihanna was ready for the craze over her new beauty line.


Even before the official launch, the buzz was heavy for FENTY. In the promotional videos alone, fans and the public were excited about the beauty line just after seeing the models. Never before in a ‘first launch’ celebrity beauty line had there been so many different skin tones, nationalities, and body types represented. There was even a model who wore a headscarf, which further showed Rihanna’s dedication to being inclusive.


From the reviews of beauty gurus and the public, FENTY beauty is doing the job it was made to do: the foundations are said to be self-setting and medium to full coverage and the highlighters are super pigmented and offered in many different colors to suit a diverse range of complexions. Overall, it seems that everyone is happy with FENTY beauty and can’t wait to see what’s next for Rihanna.

FENTY Beauty by Rihanna official promotional video