Before you could shop on Instagram without leaving the app, there was a young woman with a big dream. Emily Weiss wasn’t quite a business woman when she founded Into the Gloss in 2010, but she knew that there was a hole in the market for women to connect and talk about what products they use and love. After three years of successful blogging and chronicling of successful women’s beauty routines, Weiss saw that there wasn’t one beauty brand that had fully gained people’s trust—it seemed like there was an overwhelming number of products that didn’t work like they promised to, didn’t work at all, or were too expensive for the average gal.

Weiss wanted to create a brand of beauty products that worked, that were affordable, that made for a killer aesthetic on a bathroom shelf, and most importantly, products that emphasized “skin first, makeup second,” Glossier’s main motto. With nothing but a potential idea, Weiss set out to get venture capital funding and failed upwards of 10 times. Her marketing plan was Instagram and her business plan was ingrained in an instinct, which didn’t make for the best business pitch. Marketing products to women from a company that insisted those women were already naturally beautiful? It seemed insane for an industry that relies on qualities like vulnerability and self-consciousness for sales.

Fast-forward $34.4 million dollars later—Glossier just opened two new stores in Montreal and London, in addition to their NYC showroom, and they recently launched two new products, Body Hero wash and cream. Like all their products, consumers are already raving about the packaging, the texture, and the results. What’s more, the Body Hero ads showcase a number of women of different sizes, races, and ages, sending a message that encompasses Glossier’s main agenda as well as something we could all get behind—love yourself as you are.

Makeup has for a long time seemed like something women had to wear because it was expected of them by the patriarchy’s definition of femininity. However, in my experience, makeup has also seemed like something that no one wants to admit to wearing, especially with the surge in articles that show you how to get the “no-makeup makeup” look. It’s a badge of honor these days when a young woman says, “Oh, I don’t need to wear makeup.” It’s great to love how you look, but it should be a badge of honor to do what you want to your appearance without feeling guilty about it—which is a mentality that has set Glossier apart in an otherwise saturated market.

Wear as little makeup as you want. Wear as much makeup as you want. Love yourself first, and do what makes you happy. That’s the mission of Glossier, and damn, it’s a good one.