The holiday season entails lots of things: hot cocoa by the fireplace, meeting up with (or hiding from) former high school classmates, and the dreaded gift-exchanges. Maybe you’re giving in to the consumerist pressures of society, or maybe you like the fuzzy feeling that comes from giving, but it is impossible to escape the pressures of the gift-giving season. After all our hard work during the end of the semester and finals week, the sigh of relief that should be winter break turns into a kick in the face, as you come to the realization that Christmas is less than a week away. If you’re like me and you have $23.74 in your bank account, gift clearance sections are picked over, and the invitations to gift exchanges are piling up, check out these trendy, yet affordable, gift ideas for all recipients.


Urban Outfitters Holiday + Christmas Gifts Under $12. Great gifts for those ~trendy~ friends. Here are some of my favorites:

Metallic Foil Sheet Mask, $3. Look cool while you nourish your skin.


Instax Wide Glitter Picture Frame, $6. Order a photo from Walgreens, or allow them to pick out their favorite picture of the two of you.


Sarah Glazed Ceramic Planter, $12. With or without a plant in it, this planter makes for the perfect addition to dorm rooms and homes alike.


Amazon Last- Minute Deals. Amazon is running deals on hot products throughout the holidays. Pair that with an Amazon Prime account, and you can save big time AND get your order the next day.

The under $20 candle selection is one of my favorites as a good-smelling candle is always a crowd favorite.

Blue Lotus Candle Soy Wax, $11.99. A best seller on Amazon, and is for stress relief, which is always a plus. 

 La Jolie Muse Blue Lotus Scented Candle, $11.99

La Jolie Muse Blue Lotus Scented Candle, $11.99


Amazon is also the perfect place to shop for a last-minute book. The “frequently bought together” feature on the website help you to find the perfect book for your favorite “readers”.

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson, $5.95. One of my favorite books for a discounted price- the book will seriously have any recipient laughing out loud.


If all else fails, food gifts stand the test of time in terms of popularity. Some store-bought cookie dough turns into delicious holiday cookies. Cute containers from Target run between $2 and $5 dollars, making this gift idea very affordable (and delicious)

Square Food Storage Tin With Window, $5.