The alarm rang 7:15 am. I was so tempted to hit snooze.

It was Saturday, Feb. 10, the morning of the HKonJ moral march in Raleigh, NC. UNC-Chapel Hill’s Campus Y coordinated buses to take students there so we could fight for the causes we felt most passionately about.

It’s been on my bucket list to attend a march and publicly take a stand. It’s easy to be selfish especially when I felt exhausted from the week of classes and because it was raining outside.

But I knew this was the right thing to do. I got up out of bed and got ready. Arriving in Raleigh, I was still half asleep, but as other UNC students gathered, thoughts of my “tiredness” slipped away and I was able to focus on the matter at hand.

 A  News & Observer picture  from the HKonJ rally in Raleigh.

A News & Observer picture from the HKonJ rally in Raleigh.

“Forward together, not one step back,” the crowd roared. The rain came down, umbrellas went up in resistance, and we stood our ground. Downtown Raleigh was ours.

We were marching for change, for the Dreamers, for racial equality, for gender equity, for workers rights and for the youth. It was inspiring to see so much unity, everyone courageously holding their signs up high.

It was all totally worth waking up early for.

I challenge you to take one risk towards positive change, even if it means being uncomfortable for a little while.